SFIS Help Desk

The SFIS Help Desk is a hotline function available to all SFIS users needing assistance, and is open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday except on state holidays.

State holidays are established by collective bargaining agreement. The current state holidays are posted on the State Holidays page of this web site.

The Help Desk can be accessed by calling the following number:

  • (916) 263-0637

To assist users, the Help Desk responds to information and procedure requests as well as hardware, software and phone line problems.


When calling the Help Desk for information and assistance, the user should have their Workstation ID and User Guide. The Workstation ID is a five-character number consisting of the following components:

  • First and second fields: County ID number
  • Third and fourth fields: Office ID number
  • Fifth field: Workstation number

The Workstation ID is taped to the lower corner of the workstation monitor. The Help Desk technician needs this number to identify the site. Having the User Guide available allows the users and the Help Desk technician to read their respective copies of the manual together to resolve procedural and operational issues.

System Problems

When experiencing any type of system problem, call the Help Desk immediately. A system problem is any type of hardware, software or phone line failure. When calling the Help Desk, the user should have the following information available:

  • Workstation ID
  • Description of the Problem
  • Description of the Activity That was Interrupted
  • System messages that were displayed

The Help Desk’s primary concern is returning the workstation or site to full operation as soon as possible. The user, by carefully following the technician’s instructions, can often accomplish this over the phone. When a problem cannot be resolved over the phone, a SFIS technician is dispatched to the site.

If a phone line problem occurs, a phone company representative may need to visit the site. The Help Desk coordinates all problem resolution activity between the vendors and users and works as quickly as possible to return the site to full operation.