Move, Add, or Change (MAC)

Please note that a site move or new site location request requires multiple organization involvement (SFIS Project Office, Office of Technology Services, county, telephone company) and can take up to 90 days to complete. The new location must also have available commercial infrastructure to support additional data circuits.

What is a Move, Add, or Change (MAC) Request?


A Move can consist of the following:

  • A current county site is moving into another building at a new address.
  • A current county site has a workstation that needs to be moved into another office/cubicle/intake area within the same building.


An Add can consist of the following:

  • A county would like to add another workstation (CIW, SAW, FIW, Multi-Function or Portable) to their current site.
  • A county would like to add a site (new address/equipment).


A Change can consist of the following:

  • A county would like to have one of their current workstations taken out of an office (de-install).
  • A county would like to have one of their current workstations swapped out with a portable machine, or vice versa.
  • A county would like to request a Regional Training Workstation.

The SFIS has six different workstation types:

  • Client Input Workstations (CIW) - These primary workstations are used to input data to create or update fingerprint image and photo image records on SFIS.
  • Fraud Investigation Workstations (FIW) - These workstations support the investigation of detected duplicate records to determine if duplicate aid fraud has been committed or attempted.
  • System Administration Workstations (SAW) - These workstations are used by the county's system administrator to configure reports and manage user security in order to optimize the local SFIS installation to best suit the county's needs.
  • Multi-Function Workstations (Multi) - These workstations combine the Client Input, Fraud Investigations, and System Administration functions in a single workstation.
  • Portable Input Workstations (PIW) - Portable workstations provide the same input capabilities of the Client Input Workstations in a portable package. This enables the collection of SFIS data at remote locations.
  • Regional Training Workstation - Counties can use SFIS production or the Regional Training workstation for training staff at county-site. The workstation is connected to the SFIS training database for the County to simulate classroom training.

If your county would like to make one of these requests, please contact your SFIS County Coordinator to have a MAC Request Form submitted.

If you have any questions regarding the MAC, please contact us.